Barista Training Compency Courses

Basic Barista Course


The basic barista course allows learners to gain an introductory understanding of the coffee itself as well as foundational skills required to set a grinder, make espressos, foam and texture milk and latte art techniques as per general barista quality standards, while implementing health and safety practices and customer service. Practical learning objectives and activities prepare the learner to conduct key foundational tasks of a barista. Students will need to pass a practical exam and will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Course duration: 1 Day
Course Fee: R1500.00

On The Job Barista Training


On the job barista training is focused on improving the overall barista skills within the workplace. This would include, understanding the coffee used within the workplace, espresso machine and grinder calibration, stock taking techniques, daily coffee bar procedures, tamping, milk texturing techniques, equipment maintenance and general customer service training. 

A character assessment is done with each barista student/staff member and areas of improvement is discussed thereafter. The coffee equipment on site is also assessed and feedback is provided to management. Note, that no certificate is provided to the student after attending this course, however, a copy of the training register may be provided to the management upon request.

Duration: 1 Day 
Course fee: R575.00 per hour

Latte Art Beginners Course


The Latte Art Beginners Course is the perfect course for those who lack the understanding of how to pour any form of latte art and would love to develop the basic techniques of pouring latte art.

This is a really fun course and will enable you to grasp new concepts which will assist you in your career as a barista with good latte art skills!

The content of this course is focused on the expectation and criteria of latte art. Areas focused on, would include contrast, symmetry, milk quality and how to make use of new latte art skills.

Duration: 3 Hours
Course Fee: R500.00

Latte Art Advanced Course


The Latte Art Advanced Course is the perfect course for those baristas who want to take their latte art skills to the next level!

The course content is focused on enhancing pre-existing skills and techniques to achieve new techniques of a high level of difficulty. This would be combining a combination of different patterns in one cup, increasing the complexity of the latter art.

Contrast, symmetry, definition, creativity, level of difficulty and milk foam quality are topics that will be achieved after successfully completing the course. The student will need to pass a practical and theoretical assessment in order to receive a certificate of competence.

Duration: 2 Days
Course Fee: R3500.00

Latte Art Competition Training Course


The Latte Art Competition Training Course will be focused on the requirements and expectation at SCASA latte art competitions. This criteria will be the same that one can expect at the World Latte Art competition that are run on an annual basis.

The content will cover all areas of the latte art competition in detail and will guide you as to how to gain the maximum points at a SCASA latte art competition. Each student’s techniques and physical ability will be assessed quite intensely. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to students who attend this course.

Duration: 1 Day
Course Fee: R2000.00 or R575.00 Per hour



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